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World Adoption Day

In celebration of the upcoming 1st ever World Adoption Day on November 9th, Doog News, as an Ambassador for this exciting event, has invited friends who are connected to adoption in a variety of different ways to submit writings about adoption. Between now and November 9th we're excited to post these stories to give some insight into what life is like when it involves adoption. We encourage you to follow along and read the various postings whether it's about a family who has adopted a child, to someone who was adopted, to the perspective of an adoption counsellor, and even a family who has decided to adopt and now waits and wonders if and when they'll be parents. In all of these stories there is one common factor: love. Please join us on this celebratory journey as we lead up to World Adoption Day.

For many couples today, conceiving a baby doesn’t come easy but adoption is an amazing alternative to creating a family. Shari and Terry are one of those couples who tried for a biological baby and then chose adoption, and they couldn’t be happier. Here’s their story. Enjoy!

Our Story: Shari, Terry and Grace Craig

My husband and I were asked to share our story about adoption and we didn’t hesitate for a moment about sharing our fears and experiences in regards to adoption as we celebrate the first ever World Adoption Day this November 9th, 2014.

Having been adopted myself, I believed initially that I had greater openness to the idea of adoption than most people, having had amazing parents who gave us a beautiful home, life and upbringing. My brother and I were both adopted from different families 3 years apart and we love each other as much as I’m sure biological children love one another. My husband was an only child who didn’t pause for a moment at the idea of adoption when we faced challenges conceiving our own child.

I realized however during a tough few years of trying to conceive that perhaps it wasn’t my husband who was more concerned about the idea of adoption, but surprisingly, it was me. I think I was so invested and committed to having my own biological child after having been adopted myself because I wanted to see me in them, as I never had that growing up. I never had the urge to find my biological parents for any reason other than medical reasons and even then, it wasn’t enough to pursue it as I never wanted to upset my adoptive parents. When I realized though that a biological child wasn’t an option for us, and I looked back at my wonderful childhood and the family I have today, it was an easy decision to move forward with adoption.

The interesting thing about adoption is that when you do your home study, and you learn about how to raise an adopted child and what potential issues may arise, you also realize that there are different issues that arise as adoptive parents, but no matter how you look at it, issues can arise in any circumstance. For us, our only concern was the health of our child, as gender or race were unimportant in our choice to adopt. We were more nervous about the bond built between adoptive parents and their child, that was until we met our daughter.

Shari's FamilyThe most precious memory we have of our baby was the moment the foster care mother walked in the room with our little Gracie. We never imagined we could feel that much love for such a tiny little being before we’d even held or met her. Tears poured down our faces when she entered the room, just 7 lbs 1 oz of her. When we look back at the past 8 months with her in our lives, there isn’t one moment where we didn’t feel she was 100% our baby girl. We are her parents and she knows how much love we have for her, as we shower her with love every single moment of every day. We will spend the rest of our lives giving back, to hopefully make her become the amazing person that we know she will be.

Any of the fears we may have had at one time or another were unwarranted and there is no doubt in our minds that she is our baby, bloodlines or not. If you are wondering whether adoption is the right option for you, we assure you, we couldn’t imagine our lives any differently, and we have never once looked back with regret.

World Adoption Day is November 9th, 2014. To find out how you can join in the celebration visit and have a Doog News Day!

World Adoption Day

Doog News is proud to be an official Ambassador of World Adoption Day. Learn more about our adoption story here.


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