Prisoner Trained Service Dog Transforms Life of Autistic Boy

Rescue service dog Clyde transforms the life of a boy with Autism

We here at Doog News have always expressed our love of animals. Pets have such a meaningful impact on our lives. This story is an example of how a dog may also be saving a life.

Zach Tucker is in the 5th grade and has autism. His service dog, a rescued chocolate lab named Clyde, has helped Zach reclaim a life where he just couldn’t cope. After 4 years of retreating into his own world, Zach’s mom Susy says that Clyde’s arrival means her son can hug her again. But Clyde hasn’t only offered redemption to Zach and his family, he has also helped his trainer, a convicted murderer serving a prison sentence in Colorado.

Watch the touching story above, and read more about this incredible story of a dog that has helped a boy, a family, and a prisoner, at the Denver Post’s website.

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Source: Denver Post

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