Photoshop Experiment: Real Women As Models

Four women were asked to participate in a photoshop experiment. Each would get glammed up, do a photo shoot and then the photos would be photoshopped. Each woman would be presented with her altered ‘cover model’ photo and her reaction would be recorded. It’s pretty amazing what happened next.

While many women would love the opportunity to get their makeup and hair done and then do a photo shoot with a professional photographer, there’s sort of an understanding that the photos you see at the end of it all will be photos of you. The real you albeit with some extra makeup. You already have an idea that you’re going to look good just because you’re being pampered and it’s not everyday you get your hair and makeup done and then your photo taken by someone who actually knows how to use a camera. You’re being set up to take a great photo regardless if you’re really photogenic or not.

So when you look at your photo, you probably have an inkling of what your photo would look like. Even through the fancy hair and makeup, you already know what you look like. So it would come as a big surprise to view a photo that technically wasn’t you.

In this case, the photos were photoshopped to make the women look more like a model based on today’s standards of ‘perfection’. You know the ‘ideal’ (and yes that’s in quotes on purpose!), flawless skin, no sun spots or wrinkles, perfectly coiffed hair, a thin figure with the perfect and realistically unattainable physical measurements. What we see in the magazines every day. Though not what real women look like. After all, even models get photoshopped! But alas, these four women had the chance to see themselves as ‘models’ but their reactions weren’t what you may expect. Their reactions weren’t positive. What they realized is that the ideal isn’t necessarily ideal. They realized that they already love who they are, and not a faked (or rather photoshopped) version.

Yay!! I love this. Women appreciating themselves, their outer appearances and all that makes them who they are which includes being oh so beautiful just as they are! Wrinkles, sun spots, and freckles included. The real us is the beautiful us. Not some fake version. A very interesting experiment indeed! So now, how can we get real women in those magazines?!

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