Paralyzed Man Proposes to High School Sweetheart 3 Years After Being Hit By Drunk Driver

Three years ago life changed Larry Ragsdale when he was hit by drunk driver. But the incredible love that he and his fiancee, Kelcie Yeoman, share shows how incredible the human spirit can be.

Just before the terrible accident, Larry was a star high school athlete and he knew he was going to marry Kelcie. On March 10, 2010 he showed Kelcie’s sister, Mckenzie, the engagement ring he had bought, and told her of his plan to propose at Disneyland. That very night he was struck by the impaired driver in Monroe, Oregon, where the two live. Larry suffered a severe brain trauma, that he is still recovering from to this day.

Larry remained in a coma for months and Kelcie was there by his side through it all. When Larry woke up, Kelcie worked with him in his recovery. In fact, she even began working at the facility so she could spend her days with Larry.

Larry continues to recover, and he finally got his chance to propose, although it wasn’t in Disneyland. So Kelcie’s sister started a fundraising campaign to raise money to send them to the amusement park for the wedding and honeymoon. The fundraiser was a huge success and they surpassed their goal in 11 days. They’ve turned this young couples fairy tale dream into reality! The extra funds raised will go to help the young couple and Larry’s continuing recovery.

The support has overwhelmed Kelcie, who left a message on the fundraising page:

“All I can say is WOW! When Mckenzie showed me the video and page for Larry and I, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would reach our goal in just 11 days! I can’t believe it! I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in our life! And thankful for all the people we know and all the people we don’t know who took the time to watch the video and contribute to our dream wedding! I can’t believe that Larry and I will be celebrating the happiest day of our lives in the happiest place on earth!

People have been asking what we would do if we surpassed our goal! I couldn’t have imagined it before but here we are! Larry still continues to receive any therapy we can get and will continue after the wedding too! If we had extra money we would put it towards Larry’s recovery! We are always looking for the best therapy out there to help Larry to keep getting better!

Thank you all for sharing our story and helping our dream come true! It’s so overwhelming and wonderful, and we are beyond thankful!
Love to each and every one of you, Kelc and Larr”

Watch the beautiful video of this heartwarming love story.

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