Need Some Hope in the World?

Gives Me Hope

I’m sure it’s happened to you.  You watch the news or read a story about something bad that has happened and you think “what is wrong with this world”.   Sometimes we need a reminder that the world is a good place.  We need to see that people are doing good things and making others feel better.  It can be something grand, like donating money to a cause, or something simple liking giving someone a hug when they are down.

There is a site out there called FML.  It’s a site where people post bad things and fail stories that have happened in their life.  But of course here at Doog News, we feel that it’s important to share the happy, inspiring and positive things that have happened.   Well this is the perfect site for that, it’s called “Gives Me Hope” , and it’s a FML for optimists.  It gives users the chance to share, anonymously, nice things that are happening in their lives, or that they have witnessed.

Some examples of the top submissions:

Gives Me Hope


Gives Me Hope


Find more inspiring, heartwarming, and positive stories that might just give you hope at their website.

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