National Dog Day! Woof Woof!


August 26th is National Dog Day! Now we at Doog News don’t need a reason to celebrate our fave four legged pooch Teddy Bear, but hey, if there’s a national day to celebrate him then let’s do it! And of course all doggies including yours can be celebrated too!

This special day was created by Colleen Paige to honour not only our pets but also the working dogs who serve us every day. Maybe it’s a police dog, a bomb sniffing dog or a guide dog – either way, the 4-legged friends are wonderful companions who love us unconditionally.

Today is also a day to recognize that there are so many dogs available to be rescued and adopted. It’s also a day to consider supporting your local animal shelter. If you’d like to make a donation, even $5, you can do so online. Here’s the link to the local SPCA in our area. And, while you’re there, check out all of the animals waiting to be rescued. Cuteness guaranteed!

Well our boy Teddy Bear (featured in photo) ┬ájust got home from a hike in the mountains so it’s time for some snuggles and perhaps a few treats for the furry beast. We’d love to see photos of your dog so please post a picture to the Doog News Facebook page.

We hope you have a wonderful National Dog Day! Woof Woof!!

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