Mom Writes Heartwarming Thank You Note to Stranger

go team kate

Alex and Shanell are the proud parents of two beautiful girls Grace and Kate. They have a website called Go Team Kate which is all about their family and their journey together as they learn about and share their daughter’s experiences with autism. They aim to advocate and educate. Both Dad Alex and Mom Shanell write their learnings on the site through his diary and her blog. In this blog post called Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C Flight 1850 From Philly Shanell writes a letter to a stranger who sat beside her daughter on a recent plane ride. While many people might not have had the patience or understanding to appreciate a child with autism, let alone any child sitting beside them (lets be honest), this man was kind, playful and engaging. And, he was not aware of her diagnosis. This sweet man chose to treat Kate like the beautiful child that she is, without judgement. Not only did Kate enjoy her time with this stranger, but her mom appreciated it too. If only there were more people like him in our world.

UPDATE: They found the stranger!  See the update to this story here.


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