Kind Customer Gives 3 Waitresses $15000 Tip

Working in the restaurant business as a server can be tough work. Long hours on your feet, working with greasy food, smelling like food day in and day out and not to mention the customers. Many are cheerful but many are not. And then there’s the tipping. Servers usually earn minimum wage and rely heavily on their tips to make a living. And, when you work in a less expensive restaurant it takes a lot more tables to make some decent money.

Lucky for 3 servers in a restaurant in Caledonia, Illinois, a very kind customer overheard their conversations about how expensive life is, their student loans and how they were struggling to get by and complete their education. After dining in the Boone County Family Restaurant, a blond woman approached the three waitresses, asked for each of their names and wrote out a $5000 cheque to each of them. That’s $15000 the last time I checked. Wow! Talk about kind and generous!

The 3 women tried to give back the amazing gift but the woman told them “I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life,” the woman said after their objections. “Yes, you can take it. You put that in your pocket. God sent me here to help you.”

waitresses get big tip

The 3 servers and the restaurant are now protecting the identity of the generous tipper and the owner of the restaurant, Matt Nebiu, told that the woman had been in the restaurant before but she was not a regular. He added “I’ve never seen anything like this in 30-something years here. I’ve heard of it in other places, but not in this town or this area.”

There really are some very kind people in our world helping out in big ways and even bigger ways! How heart warming.

Photo: Boone County Family Restaurant Facebook Page
Video: Associated Press

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