Johnny Depp Surprises Sick Kids at Hospital

Celebrities get a pretty bad rap.  But when Johnny Depp dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow to surprise sick kids at an Australian hospital, he proved he is one of the good ones.

We read a lot of stories about celebrities doing bad things, but when they do something good and use their star power to make people feel better, we don’t always hear about it.

Depp and his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star, Stephen Graham dressed up as their characters from the films and visited children a the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in Brisbane.  The visit was filmed by the Aussie show “Juiced TV”.

Depp stayed in character for the entire visit, to the delight of the patients, like 13 year old Ula Pryce-Davies, who led the dreadlocked Captain Sparrow through the halls, as he posed for selfies.  He even went room to room to visit the patients who couldn’t get out of bed.  After the three hour visit, Capt. Sparrow said goodbye to the children.

After staying for three hours, Depp then farewelled the youngsters.

“Thank you so much for having me, thank you for asking me questions, and threatening me, and trying to make me sing,” he said.

The 52 year old actor asked the staff to not alert the patients or the press that he would be visiting the hospital, however the photos and videos have made their way to social media.

Depp was in Queensland, Australia this year to film the fifth installment of the Pirates Of the Caribbean series, Pirates of Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


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