Hello Again.

The Doog News Family
Our family...finally. Photo by Lark Horse House Photography
Our Family

We are finally a family!
Photo by Lark Rise Horse House Photography.

Hello again. You may have noticed a lack of posts on Doog News as of late. We apologize for leaving you Doog News’less for the past while though we have a great Doog News reason and we think you’ll agree. 🙂

We’ve been trying to start a family over the past bunch of years and while it didn’t happen the traditional way, it finally happened the way it was always meant to be. Through adoption. After going through a home study, being approved to adopt and then waiting and waiting, in late February we got the call! A birth mother had chosen us and our baby girl was due soon after. We can’t even explain how thrilled we are to be parents and we are so blessed with this beautiful baby and her wonderful birth family.

It’s hard to believe she is already 3 months old and growing like a weed and while we’re still very sleep deprived, we’d like to get back to Doog News and sharing the happy stories of the world. While we may not post as often, as baby comes first of course, we are happy to be back and have the opportunity to share our Doog News story with you.

Have a Doog News Day!! We certainly are!!

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