Heartwarming Sochi 2014 Paralympics Tribute to Moms

You may have seen the heartwarming Proctor & Gamble Sochi Olympics tribute to mom’s commercial.  It shows the amazing contributions mom’s make to ensure  their children strive for their dreams.   Well the latest commercial from the company is just as uplifting and inspiring, as it pays tribute Paralympics athletes and to the strength of the moms of Paralympians.

This commercial is called “Thank You Mom.  Tough Love”,and aims to raise awareness for the Paralympics and Paralympians, who are among the most inspiring athletes in the world.  The ad features US snowboarder Amy Purdy, sled hockey player  Taylor Lipsett, and alpine skier Caitlin Sarubbi.  Narrated by Purdy,  “Tough Love” celebrates Paralympians and the moms and families that support them on their journeys. The spot tells the extraordinary stories of Paralympics athletes and their moms, capturing their daily courage, determination, creativity, toughness and ultimate joy when they succeed against great odds.

Proctor and Gamble are huge supporters of the American Olympic effort, donating $100,000 directly to the USOC Paralympics Champions Fund.


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