Football team rallies around 6-year-old suit-wearing water boy

Suited band of brothers stands up for unstoppable 6-year-old

We see a lot of stories about bullying these days.  But sometimes they turn into good stories.

When Danny Keefe was born, his parents were told he would be severely handicapped both physically and mentally due to a serious brain hemorrhage.  Danny defied the doctors and is like every other kid his age, other than a speech impediment.  Danny is a pretty dapper kid  wearing a suit, tie, and fedora to school every day.

So when 11-year-old Tommy Cooney heard Danny was getting picked on at school because of the way he talks, he decided to do something about it.  He rallied the football team around their water boy.  They held a “Danny Appreciation Day”  and over 40 kids came to school dressed in ties, including Danny’s brother Tim.  Tim said his little brother is an inspiration.

“Every day he comes home and says he doesn’t care what other people think of him. He only cares what he thinks of himself,” Tim said.

At least a couple of parents did something right raising these kids.

Watch the full story here and I dare you not to feel good.  

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