Fisherman Saves Deer from Icy River

Jared Maitino and his brother-in-law love heading down to their favorite fishing hole in the Chagrin River.  But on this day these fishermen wouldn’t be catching fish, but saving a deer from an icy river.

Unfortunately the river in Cleveland was frozen over due to the recent cold weather.  They decided to check the river anyways, and it was a good thing they did for one lucky deer.  They noticed the deer had fallen through the ice and couldn’t get out.  He told Fox 8 News in Cleveland that he went back and grabbed some ratchet straps and he and his brother worked out a plan to safe the struggling deer.  He made a lasso and looped it around the deer’s head and pulled him out of the frigid water.

Jared wears a GoPro camera and turns it on when he has a fish on his line.   On this day he would use it to capture this heartwarming moment.

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