Firefighter Saves Husky from Icy Water

Firefighter save husky from icy waters

Firefighters are used to doing heroic things like saving people and buildings.  But Boston Firefighter Sean Cole was called upon to be a hero to a 4 legged friend when he saved 13 year-old Husky Sylvie from icy waters.

Sylvie was out for a walk with her owner when she ran across the ice and fell through.  Ladder 19 was called out to rescue the husky from the cold water.  Coyle donned a survival suit and climbed into a Stokes basket and slowly made his way across the ice to the scared dog.

“As I got closer, I could see the ice was encapsulating him,” Coyle told the Boston Herald. “He was frozen and real scared.”

The firefighter pulled Sylvie out — and she bolted across the ice to shore. Coyle fell in himself, but he was attached to a rope and his fellow firefighters helped him out of the frigid water.

To Coyle, it doesn’t matter if it’s a human or pet, he says he’ll do what he can to save them.

“We look at the pets like citizens,” said Coyle. “They’re loved by their owners … whether it’s in a burning building or a freezing lake, we just want to get them out safe.”

And you can see the appreciation in the eyes of Sylvie as Coyle pulled her from the water.

Source: Boston Herald

Photo:  Mark Garfinkel



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