Was it Fate? Engaged Couple in Same Photo, Years Before They Met

Do you believe in fate?  You might have second thoughts if you don’t.  A few days before getting married, Donna Balzano and Alex Voutsinas were going through old photos that would be displayed at their wedding reception.  Donna found a photo of her first, magical visit to Disneyland.  Alex noticed a man behind Donna that looked a lot like his Father pushing a stroller.  Upon further inspection, Alex realized that it was his Dad, and it was Alex himself in the stroller!  It was the happy couple’s first photograph together, 15 years before they actually met!

Do you have a story of serendipity like this couple?  An amazing coincidence that you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments below.

Random Meeting


Source:  Guideposts/Mysterious Ways: writer Adam Hunter

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