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Drew Savage

World Adoption Day

In celebration of the upcoming 1st ever World Adoption Day on November 9th, Doog News, as an Ambassador for this exciting event, has invited friends who are connected to adoption in a variety of different ways to submit writings about adoption. Between now and November 9th we're excited to post these stories to give some insight into what life is like when it involves adoption. We encourage you to follow along and read the various postings whether it's about a family who has adopted a child, to someone who was adopted, to the perspective of an adoption counsellor, and even a family who has decided to adopt and now waits and wonders if and when they'll be parents. In all of these stories there is one common factor: love. Please join us on this celebratory journey as we lead up to World Adoption Day.

For anyone considering adoption, there’s lots of associations and agencies that can provide great information. One of those groups in British Columbia is the Adoptive Families Association of BC, a not-for-profit. They have a big fundraiser coming up this month purposefully happening during Adoption Awareness Month. They also have a celebrity MC who happens to be adopted. His name is Drew of the Breakfast with Nat & Drew show on 103.5 QM/FM in Vancouver.

Family Ties

I’ve always known that I was adopted.  I don’t remember being told. In fact, after my younger brother was adopted, I thought that’s how all babies came to be.  You get in the car with your mom and dad and go pick up the new baby.  It was always so normal to me – it’s never once felt awkward or uncomfortable to explain to anyone.  It’s just who I am and I’ve always been proud to share it.  Probably because of how highly I think adoption speaks to all the parents involved.   To the birth parents that made such a selfless, yet difficult decision, thank you a thousand times over.  To the adoptive parents that create the family, thank you a million times over.  I want people to know that I’m adopted because I want them to know how great my parents are.  The kind of people they are.   The kind of people that adopt a child are a special breed…and they deserve to be celebrated.

That’s one of the reasons the Adoptive Families Association of BC is holding Family Ties – an adoption celebration on Friday, November 21 at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, Burnaby.  I’m thrilled to be emceeing the event this year to honour both adoptive parents and children.  If you’d like to join us, please go to  See you there!

You can learn more about Drew and his radio show on the Facebook page.

World Adoption Day is this Sunday, November 9th, 2014. To find out how you can join in the celebration visit and have a Doog News Day!

World Adoption Day

Doog News is proud to be an official Ambassador of World Adoption Day. Learn more about our adoption story here and we’ll be sharing more about our story this Sunday, World Adoption Day!


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