Failed Service Dog Wins the Hearts Of Special Needs Brothers

Pesto the Service Dog

They call Pesto the black lab a failure. But failure has never been so beautiful and triumphant.

Pesto was raised to be a service dog. Before he went off to school for his training, Pesto the puppy spent a lot of time at the Aurora public library in Colorado. Kimistry Howard and her two disabled boys, who were being homeschooled, also spent time at the library where they would go to study and read books. Howard says when her two boys met Pesto, they instantly fell in love.

“This beautiful puppy came into this room. I said I never believed in love at first sight, well, I had love at first sight,” said Kimistry , “It’s a love story from beginning to end and it’s not over.”

One of the young boys struggles with autism and would rarely speak, even to his own family, the other suffered from a rare spinal disorder and doctors told his mom he would never walk. But the two boys and their new 4-legged-friend became inseparable.

When it was time for Pesto to head off to his training, the young boys were sad, but understood that Pesto was going to help another family. “We wanted him to be placed with a phenomenal human being that would love him as much as we’ve seen him be able to love an entire library of people,” Howard told WXIA-TV.

During his months of schooling he had aced every exam he took. Howard was expecting to hear he’d been placed with a new family. But Pesto had failed to become a guide dog. Very few of the dogs who go through the training go on to become service dogs. It’s often something very simple. So instead of become a service dog, Pesto would return to Colorado to be the family pet for the Howards.

Kimistry can’t believe the difference the dog has made in the lives of her two boys. When Javae comes to the library today, he reads aloud. Today, when Javary wants to get a drink of water, he walks.

“He shouldn’t be able to do a lot of things. That walking should not be happening,” said Howard. “He gives him a lot to stand up and walk about,”

Turns out this failure meant a huge win for this family and dog. “It’s so beautiful they say he failed,” said Howard, “What I’m convinced is Pesto made a choice.”

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Source: Channel 11 Atlanta

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