Facebook Group Aims to Name Tim Jones Peak

Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue

A group of friends and fans of recently deceased North Shore Rescue lead Tim Jones is hoping to name a mountain peak after him. The group has started a Facebook page Name the second Peak of Mt.Seymour ‘Tim Jones Peak‘ and they’re inviting everyone to join in and help build support to name a North Shore peak in the Vancouver area after the local hero. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a man who dedicated his life to saving others.

What is currently known as the ‘Second Pump’, the 2nd peak on Mount Seymour, is now being pitched to be renamed the ‘Tim Jones Peak’. It’s the same peak where the North Shore Rescue team cabin is located and also where Tim lost his life. Tim’s friend and North Shore Rescue teammate John Blown told the North Shore News, “I think Tim would like it. Tim spent a lot of time up there. He walked his dog up there. The team cabin is up there. We’ve done lots of rescues on the second pump and that’s where he passed away.”

It’s not a simple task to rename a peak after someone and to start, the person needs to be dead for at least 2 years, but the group is determined to make it happen. The name is already sticking amongst the mountain adventurers in the area and those who have joined the group. Already there are over 3000 people signed up in support of this effort and John Blown thinks they’ll see it through in 2016. If you’d like to support the cause join the Facebook group through the link above.

Another way many are supporting Tim’s legacy is by financial donations to the Tim Jones Memorial Fund where 100% of proceeds are going to North Shore Rescue. The donations will enable the team that Tim built over the past 25 years to continue doing the volunteer rescues that are needed so regularly in the Vancouver area for years to come. In just 10 days since the fundraising page was posted over $107,000 has been donated. To contribute to the Memorial Fund or learn more about North Shore Rescue visit: www.northshorerescue.com

Tim Jones was a true hero and dedicated his life to helping others. He was remembered publicly in Vancouver just one week ago but his legacy will live on. You can learn more about him and his life’s work in our Doog News tribute to him.

Source: North Shore News

Photo courtesy North Shore Rescue


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