Emily’s Hair – 3-Year-Old Canadian Girl Donates Hair to Cancer Patients

3 year old Emily James is a pretty unique little girl.  Like a typical 3-year-old she loves nail polish, frilly dresses and Disney movies.  But little Emily, from Ontario, Canada, was born with an abundance of hair, and empathy for kids in need.  She was determined to share her golden locks, to be made into a wig for kids with cancer.

Emily at 4 months

Emily at 4 months

Her Mom and Dad, filmmakers with Flypress Films, first suggested the idea to their daughter.  It was time for Emily’s haircut, so they showed her the idea of donating her hair to cancer stricken children.  The parents sat down and explained to her what cancer was, that some kids got really sick and lose all their hair, and that people can donate their hair to make wigs for these kids.  They explained that she would be sacrificing her beautiful, long hair and that it would be a long time before it would grow back.  Emily told her mom and dad that she was excited to ‘share her hair’…on the condition that “uncle Maffew would cut Dolly’s hair too”.  The family booked an appointment for Emily and Dolly with her “Uncle Matthew”, a hairdresser.

“I can’t wait to look just like my dolly”, the 3-year-old said as she sat in the hairdresser’s chair.

“I don’t want any kids to be sad because they have no hair.”  That’s a pretty amazing three-year-old.

The hair was donated to a hair salon in Langley BC, and the Canadian Cancer Society and will be made into custom, hand made wigs for cancer patients under 19 years old.

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