It’s Chocolate Cake Day! Woot Woot!

Chocolate Cake Day

It’s January 27th and if you’re a chocolate lover you likely already know what that means….it’s Chocolate Cake Day!

We at Doog News are huge fans of chocolate (it’s a food group right?!) so we’re super excited about Chocolate Cake Day! Yes we love chocolate but we love chocolate cake even more. It’s actually a fairly regular staple in our house.

Now if you’re thinking ‘yeah but it’s the new year and I’ve been trying so hard to stick to my new diet and eat healthy’, well, that’s ok. You’ve been so good for 26 days and now you get to celebrate your success with a yummy piece of chocolate cake! Yay! And to help you out if you’re still not sure about straying from your new eating routine, here’s a healthier chocolate cake recipe so you don’t have to feel guilty.

I mean come on! It only comes around on one day of the year (and it’s a Monday!) so enjoy your chocolate cake! We plan to. And, have a Doog News Day!

Photo: Meraj Chhaya

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