Child battling cancer feeds homeless: ‘It’s what makes me feel good’

Child battling cancer feeds homeless: 'It’s what makes me feel good'

Keegan Keppner is ten-year old boy from Eugene, Oregon. Keegan is like other boys except for one thing, he has terminal cancer. He also has something 10-year-old boys shouldn’t need to think about. He has a bucket list. But his bucket list doesn’t include things that most 10-year-old boys would have. His included feeding the homeless.

In 2005, Keegan was diagnosed with Glioma, a cancerous tumor that affects the brain and spine. For Keegan, this is terminal. He also suffers from Hyrdocephalus, a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid fills the brain.

This week Keegan saw a story about how a local homeless camp would be dismantled, and its residents would be forcibly removed. When Keegan heard this, he wanted to show some kindness to the people living in the camp.

“I just feel bad for the people becoming homeless,” Keegan says. “I don’t want anyone to become homeless.” So Keegan and his step-dad showed up at the camp with breakfast for everyone.

Keegan says he won’t let his diagnosis stop him from living life and helping others.

“It’s what makes me feel good.”

Keegan and his stepfather plan to return Tuesday morning with chili, regardless of whether the city is removing campers from the property.

Source: KVAL TV

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