Brothers – A Special Bond

If you are lucky enough to have a brother in your life, you know it is a special bond that can’t be replaced.

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.  ~Author Unknown

This simple yet beautifully filmed short highlights a day in the life of two brothers, Finley and Eamon. Filmed by “Happily Ever After Wedding Films”, it is a little break from your hectic day to remember how simple life could be, just spending a day throwing rocks into the water with your big brother.

Says the filmmaker’s wife:

“Shortly before this was filmed we welcomed the birth of our third child, a little girl. As Mommy and baby were resting at home, Daddy took the boys out for a picnic and some rock throwing at Walterville Pond. Watching these two together is heartwarming and sometimes frustrating but the one undeniable thing is that they will share a lifelong bond that only brothers can know.”

Source: Happily Ever After Wedding Films

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