Bald and Beautiful – Model with Cancer Inspires

Elly May

Elly Mayday is a Vancouver model and she’s also fighting cancer. Instead of letting her disease stop her from living, she’s continuing with modelling and trying to change the face of fashion while she’s at it, scars and all. Although by industry standards she’s considered a plus size model, she says she’s not a plus-size woman but a regular size woman. And, while most models aren’t bald and scarred from surgeries, she’s proudly showcasing her body hoping that others will be inspired to feel proud of their beauty despite not having hair and having markings of strength and courage. Elly will be undergoing another major surgery soon and after recovery she hopes to go to New York to tell her story. You go girl! Way to be you and way to be real! Watch her inspiring story here on the CTV News website. 

Photo credit: Aparte Photography from Facebook

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