Army Captain Surprises Daughter at Football Game

Here at Doog News we love a good surprise reunion, like this mom who surprised her son at a basketball game, or this military son who surprised his mom at Christmas.  So this surprise homecoming brought a tear to our eyes.

Army Captain Jane Renee “J.R.” Lund has just returned home after a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan while her 13-year-old daughter was back home in Wisconsin.   So she decided to surprise Bella in a big way at a University of Wisconsin-Madison football game.

Every home game the Badgers honor military families at Camp Randall Stadium.  Last fall, Bella took the field to accept the honor on behalf of her family and their military mom.  But little did she know that her Mom was just a few yards behind her under the stands.

Lund wasn’t due back for another couple of weeks, so Bella was not expecting the surprise reunion.  Her mom came out onto the field in front of 80,000 cheering fans and one tearful daughter (although I’m sure there were a few fans with a tear in their eye).

You may be crying too when you watch this heartwarming clip.


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