Armless High School Football Player Hopes to Play in NFL

Isaac Lufkin is an Armless Football Player in Rhode Island

Isaac Lufkin is a 14-year-old with an incredible spirit. He isn’t letting the fact that he was born without arms keep him from his dream of playing high school football. Lufkin is a kicker for the undefeated Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island, who took home the freshman State football title this year. He’s also a star player for the team, specializing in kickoffs, and extra point attempts, and leading the division in on-side kick recoveries.

Lufkin has always been an athlete, starting with soccer, although he confesses that he wasn’t very good. When his family moved back to his hometown of Providence, he approached the football head coach telling him he wanted to play. “The first thought that came to my mind is how is that going to happen?” head coach Jeremy Ogunba told WLNE-TV in November. “Who is going to help him with his helmet and pads things of that nature? … And then what position? But kicker obviously came to mind.”

Isaac wants to be treated like everyone else when on the field. “I don’t want pity.” He told CNN, “Pity just make me weaker.” He doesn’t even want help suiting up. “I don’t like people helping me, because it makes me feel like I can’t do it,” Lufkin says. “I drop my backpack and someone picks it up. I drop it again, and pick it back up.”

His family couldn’t be prouder of his on field achievements. “For me, I see him put on his football jersey, and it fills me with pride because he’s my little football star.” His mother Lori says.

And Isaac inspires his team mates as well, says his head coach. “I think he gives them hope. I mean you see a guy with no arms strap up and put a helmet on and launch himself into a violent pile and get up and smile.”

But Lufkin’s dreams don’t stop at kicking. He says he would like to be a defensive lineman and perhaps one day play in the NFL. His mom doesn’t doubt he can make that dream come true based on how he has lived his life so far. “He never gave up. It wasn’t easy for him, but he never gave up” She said in her interview with CNN. “I don’t find him disabled at all, and I never look at him that way.”

Watch his uplifting and inspiring video above.

Source: CNN

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