6 Day Old Baby Kidnapped, Dumped & Miraculously Alive

Baby Kayden

A newborn baby was sleeping peacefully in his basinette next to his parents when someone entered the house and took the baby. When the parents discovered that 6 day old baby Kayden was missing they called the police and the search was on. 24 hours later on February 7th, 2014 the suspected kidnapper was found at a gas station in the next state but there was no baby and she denied knowing where the baby was. The local police and FBI were now on the case as well and had 170 miles to search between the baby’s home in Wisconsin and where the kidnapper was found in Iowa.

Police Chief Mike Horihan knew this situation didn’t look good but he also knew he had to try to find the baby. He cancelled his time off, got dressed for the freezing temperatures and headed out into the cold. He told the Washington Post, “There was no mention of a quitting time or a giving-up time. I had the impression that everyone was going to be looking until we had exhausted all possibilities.” He is the Chief of a 3-man police department.

Previously, Horihan had worked for 30 years for the Iowa State Patrol and often spent time searching the highway for suspects or runaways. He knew this search could take a long time and that you never find someone in the first place you look. Miraculously, in this situation, that wasn’t the case. Horihan decided to check out the first gas station as you exit the highway. He went behind the station where there were some recycling bins and also a plastic tote. The tote was sealed and there was frost on it. He opened the lid just a little bit and saw a black blanket inside. He then asked the gas station owner if the tote belonged to him but it didn’t. He knew that if the baby was in the bin it wouldn’t have survived the cold so he carefully opened the lid. “I was opening that container like I was trying to preserve evidence,” he said.

Inside the bin he discovered more blankets and then he heard something. “It was just a — just a — more than a whimper. I don’t know how to duplicate it without sounding like an idiot. But it was loud enough [so that] you heard it,” Horihan said. He looked around to see if an animal had made a noise nearby. “Am I wanting to find the baby so bad that I’m hearing things?”

He heard it again, lifted the blanket and then yelled at his partner, “I got a baby crying here! Baby crying here! I found the baby!”

Kayden Powell

Photo: (WGN-TV)

His partner immediately radioed for help and you can hear the call to the dispatcher from the scanner here.

Little baby Kayden Powell had survived the freezing cold weather wearing a white sleeping suit and a little hat, luckily all bundled up in blankets and with just enough air. When Chief Horihan went to grab his camera to get a photo of the scene before the paramedics arrived and disturbed the evidence, he couldn’t get a photo. “It was so cold, the battery in my camera wouldn’t work,” he said.

Sometimes, the only explanation in life is a miracle. Wow.

Featured Photo: Town of Beloit Police Department/AP

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