16 Year Old BC Inventor on The Tonight Show

16 year old Ann Makosinski is an inventor and scientist and her talents landed her on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon this week. He ran a segment called Fallonventions and featured 3 young inventors from North America including Ann who won the 2013 Google Science Fair.

Ann is from Victoria, British Columbia and won the Google Science Fair last year for her invention of a body heat powered flashlight. She got the idea after finding out that a friend in the Phillippines was having trouble in school as she couldn’t study at night as she doesn’t have electricity and so no lights.

Ann explains the science behind her invention in a YouTube Video and explains she became interested in the area of “harvesting surplus energy” after learning “humans are a great source of untapped thermal energy.”

Her invention has garnered this Grade 11 student a lot of international attention in recent months including being named one of Time Magazine’s 30 under 30 for 2013 and she’s already given two TED Talks. And now she’s showcasing her talents on the top rated late night program. At the end of The Tonight Show segment all 3 young inventors were awarded $5000 towards their education.

Seeing a Canadian on The Tonight Show is a pretty cool thing but a young, intelligent girl whose passion is science, is even more exciting. You go Ann! And as Jimmy Fallon said after the segment aired “I’m going to work for her one day — I can feel it.” I agree with this sentiment, I think we’ll see her name again and again.  What an inspiring young woman.

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